How do I get my Real Estate license in Illinois?

Pre-License Requirements:

To become a real estate broker in Illinois, you must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Complete 75 hours of pre-license education:
    • Broker Pre-License Topics (60-hour course)
    • Broker Pre-License Applied Real Estate Principles (15-hour interactive course)
  • Pass the State/National licensing exam administered by PSI/AMP (140 questions)
  • Submit a license application, sponsor card and licensing fee to Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR)

Do you have what it takes?

Successful real estate agents are self-motivated and enjoy working with people. They are willing to devote time to building their network, and have the motivation and flexibility to attend to their client’s needs.

What do real estate agents do?

Brokers help people buy, sell or rent residential real property within a reasonable time period and at a fair price. Brokers act as an intermediary between sellers and buyers during negotiations and help draw up the necessary legal paperwork to complete transactions.

Managing broker
Managing brokers work alone without supervision and may supervise other agents. Some managing brokers own or manage their own brokerage. To become a managing broker, you must first have held an active broker license for two of the previous three years and successfully complete the required coursework and pass the state licensing exam.  If you meet these requirements, you may enroll in Managing Broker Pre-License courses.

What’s the Process?

Step 1 – Take the Broker Pre-License Coursework

The two required courses for an Illinois license are:

  1. Broker Pre-License Topics (60-hours)
  2. Broker Pre-License Applied Real Estate Principles (15-hours interactive).

Click here to find information on and register for one of our fully online 75-hr Illinois Broker Pre-License Courses. This class is designed to be taken at the students own pace and there is no instructor.

We also offer an instructor-guided course at the association. This class will be offered as a hybrid course, which means you may attend the class in person or via Zoom.

Pre-License Course Information –

Pre License Course

Step 2 – State and National Exam

After you’ve completed your coursework, thoroughly review the Illinois Real Estate Examination Program Candidate Handbook.
When you’re done reviewing the handbook, you may register for the state and national licensing exams.

Step 3 – Sponsorship and Application

Before you may submit your license application to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), you will need a managing broker to sponsor you.

License Renewal

To maintain your broker license, you will need to complete post-license education during your first renewal cycle and continuing education in subsequent renewal cycles.

Financial Assistance is Available

The Illinois Education and Training Grant is a scholarship for eligible individuals who are pursuing a real estate degree or license in the state of Illinois. The grant may be used towards Illinois REALTORS® D2L online courses (75-hour Pre-License Topics course & 15-hour Broker Pre-License Interactive webinar) or any live classroom offered at an Illinois REALTORS® branch. Information about this and other scholarships is available on the REEF website and inquiries may be directed via email or by phone call to 866-854-7333.

U.S. military veterans who want to start a career in real estate may apply for reimbursement of their Illinois REALTORS® pre-license class fees through the GI Bill®. The federal program applies to live pre-license classes provided by Illinois REALTORS® Licensing & Training Center education branches. Only live (including Zoom Video Conferencing), instructor-led courses are eligible for reimbursement. Click Here for More Information.

The Illinois Real Estate Educational Foundation (REEF) administers the Illinois Minority Real Estate Scholarship Program in partnership with the State of Illinois, which allows us to award 60 scholarships each year to qualified racial residents of Illinois pursuing courses of study that will prepare them for careers relating to real estate or enhance the skills and knowledge that they currently use as real estate professionals. As a part of the Diversity Initiative, Illinois REALTORS® is partnering with REEF to increase the number of scholarships awarded by another 40 annually. The number of Illinois Minority Real Estate Scholarships will significantly increase to 100 scholarships awarded each year. Click Here for More Information

Eligibility: Racial minority residents of Illinois pursuing courses of study that will prepare them for careers relating to real estate or enhance the skills and knowledge that they currently use as real estate professionals.

We are happy to answer whatever questions you may have. Please contact us at or call us at (618) 277-1980.

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